After both Men and Women’s teams getting through the Preliminary Cup Round without playing any matches, ALL players are still available for the Cup Games this weekend.

Please let your Team Manager or Coach know ASAP if you are NOT available to play – they will always assume you CAN PLAY the weekend’s fixture if not told otherwise.

BrOzzy (SDiv4) v Victory (MEN CUP A) @ 12pm

Victory (WOMEN CUP A) v BYE
Victory (WOMEN CUP B) v Maccabi (Div6) @ 10am
Victory (WOMEN CUP C) v Kalamunda (Div2) @ 2:30pm … which we may forfeit (stay turned)

CUP SQUADS may/will be different to the league squads, so check with squad you are in with your Team Manager or Coach.

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