For the first two rounds (April 10, April 17), we’ll be running with the below squads. We really need about 5 more women to cement the 3 teams – so get your recruitment hat on and get a few more into our great club before May! 🙂

Training Squad WOMEN A – Jen Booker

* Britt Mucciarone
Emily Kendall
* Emily Wyszynski
* Erika Patron
Georgia Koval
Gina Ferreira
Holly Lozyk
* Katie Thompson
Lexi Brough
Mersades Mucciarone
Phuong Nguyen
Sarah Mason

Training Squad WOMEN B – Peter Fletcher

Alyshia Ford
Becky Piotrowski
Courtney Spence
Gemma Atkins
Hanya Furdas
Jess Carroll
Kia Hayward
* Louise Fowler-Tutt
Niki Ferreira
Rita Fletcher
Sam Ponga
Sheyda Khadembaschi

Training Squad WOMEN C – Andy Arena

Annie Murtagh
Darcie Young
* Erin Hall
Ferne Carter
Jing Han
Kat Lozyk
Laura Wood
Marion Lavelle
Mel Davies
* Mel Spence
Rachel Pepper
Tash Amery

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