Welcome to GRACO FieldLazer S90 – our lines have never looked better! (Well except for “Dan’s Corner”)

Our latest purchase (thank you Club Sponsors) has lifted our playing surface to the highest! No longer will clubs be comparing to Old Trafford but now, we will hear “That pitch is marked almost as good as Parnham Reserve!” and “I wish we could play at Parnham EVERY week”

Full details of Parnham Reserve are: (our Wikipedia page isn’t up yet)

Location Corner of Mars & Oats Streets, Carlisle, WA, Australia
Coordinates -31.981519, 115.921363
Owner Town of Victoria Park
Operator Victoria Park Soccer Club Inc (Victory)
Capacity 6500
Record Attendance 32 (Victoria Park SC 9 – 0 Sorrento FC, 12 July 2015)
Field size 100.6 x 54.9 metres (110 × 60 yards)
Surface Grass (green stuff)
One of the Town’s smaller active reserves, used to play soccer. Playground and small gazebo located on the opposite side of the park to the clubroom.

“If you are yet to cross the Victory lines of your endeavors, you definitely haven’t done your best. There will always more left in you to give to your goals and dreams.” – Edmond Mbiaka

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