The past 2 years have been difficult for our club. First, we had to deal with Covid-19. Then we relocated to Harold Rossiter Park, which forced our club to split up our training groups. Let’s face it, the move created a few tensions in our club.

Yet our desire to have a single vibrant space filled with community interaction never waned. And we knew that the missing piece was lighting.
Without proper lighting that enabled us to train together our club couldn’t be all that we wanted it to be.

So over the past 12 months or so, past-President Hannah George has continually lobbied our local council and politicians arguing that the installation of pitch lights will create a safer community space and allow our club to continue to grow and serve our community.

On Monday, April 11, 2022, Hannah’s work was rewarded with the announcement by The Hon Angus Taylor MP that a grant of $390,000 will be made from the federal government to the Town of Victoria Park for the sole purpose of installing lights at Harold Rossiter.

To say this is a big win for our club is an understatement.

The installation of quality lighting will allow our club to once again train together as a whole. It will bring our club back together. But it will also give us the option to host night games and join other competitions.

Quite literally, it’s a game changer!

And it’s a massive vote of confidence in the Victoria Park Soccer Club from the federal and local governments that is humbling and exciting in equal measure.

I want to acknowledge the work of Kristy McSweeney, Liberal candidate for Swan who advocated on our behalf at a federal government level. Without Kristy’s support and influence, it’s doubtful we would have achieved such an amazing result.

And a big heartfelt thanks to Hannah George who’s perseverance and advocacy has created a turning point moment for our club.

I’m excited about our future and look forward to making a big difference in our community over the next few years.


Play a better game.

Rita | President @ VicParkSC

Thank you: Hannah George, Kristy McSweeney – Liberal for Swan, Angus Taylor MP